Top 10 Virtual Data Room Software

With VRDs, transactions become easier because they enable real-time collaboration among parties anywhere, at any time, and on any device connected to the Internet. You can access documents and files from anywhere where there is an Internet connection and a device capable of connecting to the Internet.

10 Best Virtual Data Room Software

There are now lots of different types of virtual data rooms available. You can use either free services or pay for them if they’re available. Check out the list of top 10 virtual data room software solutions.


IDeals lets you upload documents in any format, invites people with specific permissions, collaborates smoothly, manages sensitive data effectively, and tracks changes quickly and easily. Banks use this software to securely share documents between employees.


ShareVault makes managing sensitive business content easier than ever before. Its intuitive interface allows for seamless integration into any workflow. A simple tool for organizing and personalizing any type of data including logos and links. With the ShareVault platform’s document management system, users can create their personalized version of a shared data room within an organization.


Dragging files into the application allows you to quickly add signatures to documents. You can use it to see when someone else logged onto a file, view an audit report, or access a document. You can use permissions for user role management, two-factor authentication (2FA), document watermarking, and NDA customization to help manage content access.


It provides secure communications, collaboration tools, information-sharing portals for customizability, project management, and groupings. Collaborating online allows team members to easily share files and communicate efficiently.


You can use Digify to securely store, access, and manage files from anywhere at any time. Use this document management software to track documents and also keep records of user activity. You can use Digify to create custom watermarks and secure deals at no cost. It’s a fantastic way to manage important business documents with ease.


With Projectfusion, you can control who has access — whether they’re allowed to print, download, or add their own watermark — using different options for each type of media file. It provides an online survey tool, reporting function, and permission management system for helping companies manage their user accounts. It allows for real-time reporting so that the user can see everything at one time.


Dotloop provides the robust VDR software feature for the Real Estate Industry where they can collaborate using their own cloud platform, manage documents, tag them, assign roles, and store files securely.

Vitrium Security

With Vitrium Security, you can use DRM technology to protect documents from unauthorized access. You don’t need anything else besides the tool itself. With the program, you can easily create new user accounts and assign them permissions for specific document types.

Safelink Data Rooms

A simple yet powerful cloud-based document management system specially designed for lawyers, banks, and governments. It offers an intuitive user experience, provides detailed reports at each level of analysis, and supports file uploads. Using the software, the user would be able to securely store their most important documents.

EthosData Data Room

With this virtual data room software, users can share offers quicker than ever before and make smarter business decisions. It has lots of useful features for its user, including bulk uploads/downloads, real-time notifications, Q&A dashboards, etc.